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We Buy Broken Computers!

Did you know that ComputerXpress is one of the largest buyers of used and broken laptop and desktop computers in the market?  We buy thousands of broken computers each year helping our customers turn their unwanted computers into cash.

Many people have computers sitting around their house collecting dust.  Turn that dust catcher into cold hard cash today.  Call us at 863-607-4357, visit us at 5303 South Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL 33813 our visit our website at www.computerxpress.us and let us help you today.


  1. Derek

    Hello I have a Windows hp. Touch screen and I need to buy 2 memories cards it could be called ram but do I have to buy a certain kind for it to work in my computer

  2. Matt

    Di have door assembly power controll mudule from intermatic et 90000. Have relay as well but would need rebuilt the sell 750new so worth if know how

  3. Hello, please contact our store at 863-607-4357 for purchase inquiries.

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