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ComputerXpress is the leader in Lakeland, Florida providing the best quality refurbished computer accessories in the areas. The team at ComputerXpress takes pride in every customer having the best experience. Many customers continue to come and buy different computer accessories for their projects or business needs through the months and years.
The computer accessories we provide are held to a very high standard. This is to ensure that any upgrade you are completing will be done with the most affordable and quality parts. Our competitors sometimes cut corners and sell mid-grade parts. We don’t take that risk and offer only the highest of quality of refurbished computer accessories.

What’s The ComputerXpress Difference?

From the moment you enter our store, you will understand why ComputerXpress has the most reviews of any computer repair shop in the area. Not only the highest amount but the highest rating! We continue to have a 5-stay rating on Google, and our customers know the reason!
First of all, our staff is knowledgeable on the best options for different projects and needs they may have for their business or personal use. From keyboards and mice, to motherboards and sound cards, we will have what you need to make any replacement or upgrade.
However, if you have a repair that could be bigger than you think you can handle, let us know! We offer the most affordable repair and maintenance service in the Lakeland, Florida area.

Above all, ComputerXpress is a Apple Certified Service Provider for your Mac and Apple needs!

As a result, come in today and let us help you find the best accessories to meet your needs. Big or small, we will make sure you leave with top-quality accessories and experience the best atmosphere of any repair shop in Lakeland, Florida and the surrounding areas!

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