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ComputerXpress carries a wide variety of Apple computers including MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and the Apple iMac. Our refurbished computers are put through extensive testing, cleaning, and restoration procedures. We re-sell computers that are truly like-new, and include a 90-day part and labor warranty!

The MacBook is the staple of Apple’s laptop collection. Providing just the right amount of mobility and power for heavier use than surfing the internet.

The iMac the most known Apple product and a power-house in the Apple computer collection. By providing more speed and memory than other Apple computers, it is not a surprise this is the most purchased Apple computer.

The MacBook Pro takes the Apple laptops to the next level. This option provides extra power for video editing, photo editing, and professional design work, this option is excellent for anyone who wants a computer that is ready for just about anything!

The ComputerXpress Difference

First of all, at ComputerXpress we provide high-quality refurbished computers and laptops. As an trusted Apple Service Provider we can take a used Apple products and bring it to a true like-new condition that our competitors can’t!

In addition to having a staff that thrives on providing the best customer experience, we continue to have the highest rating and number of reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

As the most trusted and respected Apple repair service provider in Lakeland, Florida we continue to amaze new customers and return customers every single day.

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Mac’s or PC: We fix them all. Need an upgrade?

We can upgrade your computer and bring it back to life the way it was when you bought it. Need a custom built computer for gaming or graphics design? We can do that too!

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