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Lakeland, Florida’s Best Computer Repair Service

ComputerXpress offers a wide range of desktop and laptop repair services, including repair, upgrade and restoration services. Our team of customer service personnel and experienced technicians will help you evaluate the issues you have with your device and the solutions to get your device in tip-top shape.

Most issues with your computer or laptop can be fixed and resolved in less than a day.

Why choose ComputerXpress for your computer repairs?

The ComputerXpress team thrives on providing every customer the best experience. We work quickly on evaluating any computer that comes in for repair, and explain the best solution for the customers needs and timeline.

A 30-Day Warranty: We Know Our Repairs Are Good!

Every repair we make comes with our 30-Day Parts and Labor Warranty.  Most repairs can be completed on the same day, or by the next business day!

Common Issues we can evaluate, troubleshoot and fix:

  • Virus/Malware Removal on Computers and Apple iMac/MacBooks/MacBook Pros
  • Re-Install Windows or OS
  • Data Transfers
  • Windows Booting Problems
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Computers “Completely Dead” (Won’t Power On)
  • Liquid Damage
  • LCD Screen Damage
  • Runs Very Slow
  • Black Screen
  • Setup Wireless (WiFi) Router Settings
  • Replace Faulty Hard Dirves
  • FBI Virus Removal
  • Keyboard Problems
  • Battery will not Charge or is not holding a charge
  • Screen Too Dull
  • Malware or Pop-Ups
  • Heats Up Too Much
  • Fan Cleaning or Replacement
  • Crashes….computer suddenly shuts down
  • Physical Damage
  • Freezes…..Not Responding
  • Noisy Fan
  • Mouse Pad Not Working
  • Broken Charging Port
  • Screen Hinge Damage
  • Missing Keys
  • Health Check
  • Plus we also do upgrades to make your computer Faster & Give you More Space!
  • Motherboard Repair
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