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Laptop Data Recovery

Drop your laptop and now it wont turn on? Or when it turns on you cannot access your files? It is common when a laptop is dropped the hard drive is damaged. You need a reliable data recovery company to remove the drive and recover your valuable data for you. Trust ComputerXpress in Brandon FL to be that company.

SQL Data Recovery

Can’t access your database? When a hard drive crashes it takes everything along with it, including databases. It is imperative that you get the drive into a reliable data recovery center. Time is crucial for a complete data recovery. We can get your database back in tact so you can be back in business.

File & Email Recovery

Have you lost an important email or file due to hard drive failure? We can help you recover that valuable email or file with our data recovery services. Bring in your computer or drive to ComputerXpress and we will provide you a free data recovery evaluation today!

NAS / SAN / DAS Recovery

When a NAS / SAN /DAS goes down your in trouble. Mission critical data cannot be accessed by the company personnel leading to lost business which equals lost $$$. Call us today for an immediate evaluation of your data recovery needs. Time is of the essence.

Database Data Recovery

When a hard drive goes bad, the data is no longer accessible. However, your in luck, it is still there. You will need a competent data recovery expert to assist you in getting the data back. Come to ComputerXpress in Brandon FL to help you recovery your data and get your database back online STAT!


Server crash! The two scariest words an IT professional can hear. In the event of a server crash and you can no longer access your hard drive data call the experts at ComputerXpress in Brandon FL to help you get the server data back so your office can be up and running in no time.

Apple Mac Recovery

Can’t access the data on your Apple Mac? Don’t worry, ComputerXpress data recovery experts can help. We can recover your data from a damaged hard drive. Bring your Apple Mac in today for a free evaluation!

Flash Drive Failure? We can help.

We can in most cases recover data from a Flash drive. Bring it in to one of our computer repair locations in Brandon FL or Lakeland FL.

Hard Drive Failure? We can Help.

If you cannot access your hard drive call us immediately. We can help recover your data.

RAID Array Storage Failure? We can help.

Serving in Lakeland, Brandon and surrounding areas in Florida (FL).

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