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Every part of a Microsoft Surface is an easy repair! As a result, at ComputerXpress we can provide lower costs, and a more convenient repair option than other local repair shops. We offer every repair, including screen replacements.

Because of this, ComputerXpress is Lakeland, Florida’s #1 Repair Service

Our team use the latest technology to address issues and help keep your Microsoft Surface in tip-top shape. Because of these years of experience helps us make the most accurate and informed assessment of any version of the Microsoft Surface.

The most common repair on Microsoft Surfaces is installing a replacement screen. Being a computer-tablet hybrid, the screen is the most fragile part of any Surface. Our staff is trained in the best techniques on completing this repair. We consistently complete them in a fraction of the time our competitors do.

If you have a question about your Surface repair, come in or call us and our staff will answer questions you have.

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