Lakeland’s Home for MacPro Repair

When your MacBook Pro stops working it can be extremely frustrating. We completely understand!

At ComputerXpress, the best MacBook Pro repair in Lakeland, we can get your MacBook pro repaired and in good running condition fast!

Macbook Pros are some of the best products on the market. Whether your MacBook is your partner in crime when you’re running from project to project, your safe place for all files work related, or your key to a college education, these computers are great devices for a variety of needs. Like all technology, however, sometimes accidents happen. Drinks spill, screens crack, and files get lost. When your device is broken, you lose valuable time, productivity, and resources.

At ComputerXpress, we believe no one should be held back because of malfunctioning technology. We’re experts in MacBook Repairs, and we’ll get your technology fixed quickly, at a great price, so you’re not waiting for your technology to get back to work.

Apple Computer Repair Services

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Because ComputerXpress is a trusted Apple Service Provider, we can perform all standard repairs on Apple devices. One benefit that customers realize about working with ComputerXpress for their repair issues is the amount of time they save.

At ComputerXpress: No Appointment Necessary!

Here, you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment for your repair or maintenance. Come in, anytime, and we will get the restoration started. Many times, the fix needed can be completed on the same day. It will depend on what repairs are required, and our staff will let you know what the timeline is for your repair job.

Out of Warranty Services

Is your Apple product out-of-warranty? No matter what issue you are experiencing, from no power to lines on a display or a cracked screen, we can help. At ComputerXpress, we have fair prices and rapid turn-around times. We offer services and repairs that other local repair shops don’t.

The ComputerXpress Apple Repair Experts have the knowledge that allows our team to inspect quickly, asses, and recommend what repairs your Apple device needs. We offer a full-range of Apple and Mac repairs, upgrades, and replacements that are needed.

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MacPro Repair Services

  • Mac OS Repair & Reinstall
  • HD & SSD Repair
  • Screen Repair & Replacement
  • Keyboard Repair & Replacement
  • Touchpad Repair & Replacement
  • Motherboard Repair & Replacement
  • Liquid Damage and Repair
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • RAM Upgrade and Install
  • And much more!

Unlike the official Apple store, we’re happy to service Apple computers with “unsupported” hardware modifications. We can even offer support for Apple devices running Windows or Linux, and for “Hackintosh” PCs running macOS (OS X)!

Data Recovery

Lakeland FL Data & Hard Drive Recovery for Computers and Laptops

Our team will help you recover the critical data that others can’t reach!

Our Apple Certified Technicians have the knowledge and experience to recover a wide range of any failed mass storage device – hard drive, SSD drive, USB flash drive (thumb drive), compact flash, SD card, and others. 

When all other attempts to recover your data in-house have been exhausted,
we can outsource your recovery to Ntelligent Networks.
They align nicely with our core values of honesty and integrity.

Why Choose ComputerXpress for Apple Repairs?

As an independent Apple Computer Repair Service Provider,  ComputerXpress is committed to following all the repair guidelines, supports and the value offered by Apple to every customer and our community. ComputerXpress isn’t restricted by the rules and regulations that Apple places on its own support staff. We’re able to perform repairs and data recovery on machines that other technicians might simply write off and replace. Our normal Apple repair turnaround time is 1-2 days depending on the issue of the device. As opposed to 5-7 days at Apple retail store.

The benefits of Apple Computer Repair Service Provider can offer services the other guys don’t:

  • We will never void your warranty or AppleCare protection plan
  • Out of warranty, under warranty and Apple care warranty repairs are covered by Apple
  • Apple Rigorous Training and Guideline
  • Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX)
  • Apple Proprietary Diagnostic Tools helps us to fix customers devices for the first time.
  • Genuine Apple Replacement Parts Warranty covered by Apple
  • Independent service provider with more flexibility than other Apple Retail Stores
  • We also offer Data Recovery & Logic Board Repair Service that isn’t covered by AppleCare
  • No Appointment Needed
  • For most Apple repairs, Same Day Service Available
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