Hard Drive Repair

SDD & HDD Repair

Your computer’s hard drive is the central storage area where your valuable data is stored. Hard drives can often be the first thing to begin not working on computers. HDD repair can fix that problem! Hard drives typically last for around 1,000 hours of use. If your hard drive is starting to decline, it may show signs such as running slowly, freezing, or making noises that aren’t normal. Come by our store today to avoid losing valuable files and keep your computer up and running! When it comes to hard drive repairs, our plan of action typically includes:

  • Repairing or often replacing hard drives
  • Recovering files from old hard drives to avoid losing data
  • Upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) if you are interested in increased, longer lasting storage
data recovery

Data Recovery

Lakeland FL Data & Hard Drive Recovery for Computers and Laptops

Our team will help you recover the critical data that others can’t reach!

Our Apple Certified Technicians have the knowledge and experience to recover a wide range of any failed mass storage device – hard drive, SSD drive, USB flash drive (thumb drive), compact flash, SD card, and others. 

When all other attempts to recover your data in-house have been exhausted,
we can outsource your recovery to Ntelligent Networks.
They align nicely with our core values of honesty and integrity.

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