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Many people have learned of the benefits, features, and perks of the Apple Watch 1st Generation. People who have tried the Apple Watch are now devout wearers of the device, and continue getting the next generation as they are released!

No matter how careful someone is when wearing their Apple Watch 1st Generation, accidents happen. One wrong move and the screen hits a hard object and cracks. If this happens to you, don’t worry that you’ll have to put up with the cracked screen until your next upgrade.

ComputerXpress: Taking Apple Watch 1st Generations from Cracked to Perfect, fast!

ComputerXpress offers replacement displays, and the installation is a relatively simple process. During this process, we will check to ensure the Force Touch sensors were not damaged when the screen cracked. If needed, we can replace the Force Touch sensors at the same time as replacing the screen.

Apple watch 1st generation

Have you noticed your Apple Watch is not holding a battery charge as long as it used to?

After an extended amount of use, the batteries in the Apple Watch may need to be replaced. We have the batteries for both the 38mm and 42mm watches. We also provide some different cosmetic enhancements including Gold plating in both yellow and rose gold.

From Apple Watch repairs to cosmetic enhancements, ComputerXpress has you covered.

Display Replacement

At ComputerXpress, we can replace a broken or cracked screen on your Apple Watch. These replacements include our industry-leading One-Year Warranty!

Battery Replacement

Has your batter not been holding a charge for long? Here at ComputerXpress, we can replace the battery and have it back to when you first got the watch!

Force Touch Sensor Replacement

Many times when a screen on an Apple Watch is cracked or broken, the Force Touch sensors can also be damaged. We will check, and this can be replaced during the screen replacement.

Gold Plating Service

If you are wanting to update or change the look of your Apple Watch, ComputerXpress offers gold layering. There are both yellow and rose gold options.

Apple Watch Models That We Repair

We currently offer repair services on Apple Watch (Series 1, 2, and 3)!

*Apple Watch Series 4 Repair Services Coming Soon!
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