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iPhone 7 Plus Repair

iPhone 7 Repair

The iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most impressive smartphones on the market but it’s not immune to issues and damage. Whether your iPhone 7 Plus has a cracked screen, a battery that won’t hold a charge or will no longer work after being exposed to water, we have a service that will solve the problem. Bring your device in for a free repair diagnostic where a helpful technician will check the basic functions of the device as well as look for any surface damage. Once we have determined what the problem is, we can suggest the repair service that will best solve the issue as well as offer a price quote. Diagnostic exams are completely free and customers are under no obligation to continue with a repair.

iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair

The iPhone 7 Plus is pretty water resistant in most situations but accidents can still happen. If your iPhone 7 Plus is suffering from water damage, let us take a look at it before the damage becomes worse. When water, especially salt water, is left in the hardware of an iPhone, irreparable corrosion can begin to form.

iPhone 7 Screen Repair

The most common repairs we perform on iPhone 7 Pluses are glass and LCD replacements, charge port repairs, and battery replacements. While these are our specialties, we would be happy to look at any issue you are facing. Is your selfie game suffering because of a camera issue? Are you missing out on portrait photo opportunities because the dual camera feature isn’t working? We can solve these frustrating moments and more with our iPhone 7 Plus repair.

Nationwide Warranty

Our standard 90-day warranty accompanies every repair completed at ComputerXpress and our low price guarantee ensures that you are getting the absolute lowest price possible. In fact, if you can find a lower advertised price for the repair you are about to receive, we will match and beat that price. When you’ve finally had enough of looking at your iPhone 7 Plus through a broken screen, or another frustrating issue, make an appointment and let us help.


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