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iPhone 6 Repair

If you rely on your iPhone 6 for work or school, it’s a huge hassle to send it away if it needs a repair. We don’t believe that you should be without your favorite device any longer than absolutely necessary, which is why getting your iPhone 6 repaired at ComputerXpress is a fast and convenient process.

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

When a customer comes to us with a broken iPhone 6, the first thing we do is diagnose the issue. Our diagnostic service can tell us if the phone has a hardware or a software malfunction and which of our services would best resolve the issue. All of our repairs and services are completed right in the store by the technician that greets you at the door. This gives us total control and allows us to complete most of our repairs in under an hour. These quick repair times and our excellent customer service are what separate computerxpress from all other stores out there.

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

Whether your iPhone 6 needs a new screen, a new part or a water damage clean-up, our technicians have the tools and expertise to get the job done. If your iPhone 6 got caught in the rain or took an accidental bath, you should bring your phone to a repair professional as soon as possible. Water can soak into the hardware of phones and begin to corrode. Putting your phone in rice won’t help, so skip the old wive’s tales and bring your iPhone 6 to computerxpress.

Nationwide Warranty

We don’t believe that choosing to get your phone repaired should break the bank which is why we encourage our customers to take advantage of our low price guarantee. If you can find a lower advertised price for the same repair, we’d be happy to match that price and beat it. And just in case anything goes wrong after you leave the store, all of our repairs are backed by our 90-day warranty. Getting a repair with computerxpress is quick and simple, so why are you still coping with a broken iPhone 6? Make an appointment or visit one of our stores to get your phone back to good as new.


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